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Winterfest Poker Ride Postponed

Due to the unusually warm conditions for the past couple of weeks, our Winterfest Poker Ride we were going to have on Saturday, January 31 has been postponed. Trail conditions are very poor.

We are hoping to have the Poker Ride by the end of January or beginning of February (of course, it will be weather permitting!).

We will post the new date as soon as there is enough snow on the trails.

Thank you,

Green Lake Snowmobile Club Executive.

ABC Snowmobile Clubs Avalanche Safety Message

December 22, 2011


This will not be the unusually stable snow pack most of the province saw last year, and last year we lost 6 snowmobilers.

With Christmas coming we are concerned about the long periods of time we have had between snowfalls in many mountain areas.  This has allowed the creation of weak layers through the formation of hoar frost and the drying out of the top exposed layer of snow.  Sledders will be keen to get out especially in any fresh snow that falls during the holidays.  When we do get snowfalls on top of these weak layers it could well create a bad situation for avalanches until a favourable weather event or avalanche cycle changes the snow pack.

This season we need mountain snowmobilers to focus on:

1.       Always check the current Avalanche Forecast for the area you are heading into at or through the home page of


a.       Choose the safest terrain for the avalanche danger rating.  Always choose simpler terrain as the avalanche danger scales goes up or your observations indicate possible local avalanche hazards.

b.      Always have a Plan “B” when heading into a mountain area.  Plan “B” involves riding SIMPLE TERRAIN to avoid exposure to avalanches on COMPLEX or CHALLENGING TERRAIN.


a.       30% of sledders killed in avalanches are killed by multiple sleds on the same hill triggering a fatal avalanche.

b.      If your buddy is stuck on the hill let them dig themselves out, going up to help could be the trigger to initiate a fatal avalanche.


a.       Remember and learn from the tragic Turbo Hill avalanche.

b.      Always watch hill climbing from a safe area, never in an avalanche run out zone or terrain trap.

c.       While waiting your turn to climb park in a safe area.

d.      Just stopping with a group to decide where you are going or the fix a sled, park in a safe area.

From your Board of Directors of ABC Snowmobile Clubs please have a Safe and Merry Christmas.

3rd Annual Poker Ride

Everyone Welcome!

This is a Winterfest event to raise funds for the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities. Admission by donation.

Concession with burgers, hot dogs, chili, pop & coffee will be available.

All riders and passengers must wear a helmet.
All sleds must be in good working order and have a
rear flap in good condition

Christmas Dinner and Dance

A reminder to Snowmobile Club Members of the Christmas Dinner and Dance that is coming up this Saturday, December 10 at the clubhouse.

Food Bank Hamper

We will have a Food Bank Hamper Box for the 100 Mile Food bank set up near the Christmas Tree so please remember to bring a non-perishable food item(s).

Raffle Gifts

Everyone should bring a $10 gift for the raffle.


Happy Hour starts at 6:00 PM and dinner will be at 7:00 PM.


Brad and Gail Potter will be providing the live entertainment!


Our Club Float for the 100 Mile Santa Claus Parade

A truck and driver

Trees and sleds

Lights and reindeer

On a trailer bed.


Sheets of snow

With twinkling lights

Surrounded all

On the trailer that night.


Art on the sled

Hauling a tree

And Nelson and Kane

On two minis we see.


This was our float

For the Santa Parade

One of many

For that night were made.


Cheered on by all

Who took in the sights

On that magical

Cleat and starry night.


Special Thanks to Nelson Watson and Kane Edwards for being part of the Float. Many many thanks to the following who made this endeavor such a success as well as fun to do: Peter & Susan, Art & Cheryl, Dave & Martha, Ron & Dale and Larry!


Also, Thanks to all who came out and supported us!


Thanks, Rita.


Make sure you check out more pictures in the Photo Album

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