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Avalanche Awareness Days

Practice with your equipment and learn about beacons, probes and
shovel techniques as well as avalanche rescue scenarios
Open to snowmobilers, skiers and boarders, and backcountry enthusiasts.


You can check out their Facebook page as well.

Winterfest 2013


Sledders & Highways

Here’s some more safety tips from our Highways Area Manager, Michelle Schilling:

Dear Fellow  Snowmobilers:

Fatal Snowmobile Crash Near Valemount

Sledders  need to  be especially  careful  around   highways:

Snowmobiles can  easily  flip over  the  frozen snow banks,  sometimes  the  ditches  have  creeks  that flow under the snow and  create a cavity.  Other hidden hazards are:   utilities (poles, guy wires, devices) , culverts, rocks, fences,  frozen dirt piles.   Risk increases with night riding or during a snow storm as these hazards  are more difficult to see.  Sleds  should avoid  plowed roadways as they may encounter  traffic and large  snowplows.  A frozen roadway may have an icy   surface   which  reduces  snowmobile traction and steering.


Check out the  Snowmobile  Legislation

Clinton – Kelly Lake

This is a message that we got from Michelle Schilling, MOT Area Manager for Clinton – Bridge Lake:

“We are receiving reports  that the  section of  Pavilion Clinton Road  along  Kelly Lake  is  receiving  regular   small avalanche releases  from the   slopes above the roadway.  This area was  burned  in 2009 Kelly Lake Wildfire  and we are  now seeing  more  active  snow releases this winter.  The  snow releases  may be a hazard to  ice fishers, and snowmobilers in the park and other road users in the area.     The  releases are leaving about  1 + m of snow on the roadway.

We  will contact our avalanche  staff for more information on this new phenomena and  will review the  existing  debris flow  hazard signs.”

We will try and keep everyone posted.

Road Crossing Permits

You can get your road crossing permits from Peter McKie.

Below is an excerpt from the BC Government website:

RCMP issued permit requirement:

The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations states that no person shall drive or operate a snow vehicle or snowmobile on a highway in unorganized areas of the Province unless he is the holder of a permit issued by a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stationed nearest to the place where such operation will take place.

Therefore, to operate a snowmobile on a trail within highway right of way the operator must obtain a permit. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that the snowmobile has been registered, licensed and has proper insurance. The permit also makes sure that the operator of the snowmobile has a valid driver’s license.

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