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Summer ATV Poker Ride

There will be a planning meeting this coming Monday, April 28 at 7:00 PM for an ATV Poker Ride on Saturday, July 5.


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Mountain Caribou Update


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On April 7th, 2014 representatives from The Association of British Columbia Snowmobile Clubs, and the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation, led by long time advocate Pierre Dion, met with Governmental representatives to discuss the Caribou Recovery Process.  Specifically, how it was managed, and what our concerns and recommendations are, moving forward.

In attendance representing ABCSnow was President Trish Drinkle, Vice President Ron Fowler, Secretary/Treasurer Bill Karas, and Director Wes Graham.
MLA Donna Barnett was eager to facilitate this meeting, as she is a big supporter of snowmobile winter recreation. Minister Steve Thomson, Minister Bill Bennet, Minister Coralee Oaks, MLA Jackie Tegart and MLA Donna Barnett were supportive and very empathetic to our concerns.
First and foremost, we requested that an objective Management team be created.  Biologists, are good Biologists, however we need to have a system in place to representEVERYONE.

Everyone from Snowmobilers, Winter and Summer recreators, Small town British Columbians, Tourism, and Viable Industry. The big picture is a must, for over management, without clear focus would effect the entire province of British Columbia, with a trickle effect throughout Canada.

Recovery Implementation Group Recommendations:

“There is no unequivocal evidence that snowmobile activity has been a significant cause of declining caribou numbers to date”

Several initiatives of this recovery have yet to be implemented, which would most certainly help the situation.

Snowmobilers are not the problem, nor will we sit back and be the scapegoat while mismanagement of the caribou herds prompts finger pointing.  Snowmobilers have complied with all that has been asked.  There is no concrete scientific evidence to back common displacement theories regurgetated by herd specialists.  If anything we have proven without a doubt, that very little, if any effect is had on caribou populations by snowmobilers.

We can be valuable assets, and would like to do so.  A common ground, where a group of objective stakeholders, including biologists, could give recommendations to an objective review panel creating a realistic and effectivesolution.  We simply must have Herd Specialists/Biologists moved from Managers, to a stakeholder position.  Opinion based Management is simply not an effective tool for the recovery of Mountain Caribou.

We will continue to update, as time goes on.  Press release kits are available to those who wish to share knowledge and the voice of Snowmobilers.  To create a strong unified voice is imperative, and effective.

Please contact President Trish Drinkle, or Vice President Ron Fowler for more information, and access to the Media release kits.

ABC Snow April 2014 Newsletter #5

Here is the link for the latest newsletter from ABC Snow.


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