2021/2022 Membership Application Forms

The new membership application forms have been posted.

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COVID Update

With our new COVID world, some changes are being made while we wait this virus out. We will remain fluid and continue to assess things as the months wear on, but at the moment here is how things look for the club operations:

· Trails will remain open and rides will be starting as soon as there is enough snow

· General meetings and inside club events will be suspended. We will be looking at ways to have outside club events that conform to health recommendations

· Clubhouse is closed to use for now

· Newsletter will be coming out shortly and will include information that would otherwise have been shared at the general meetings as the season moves forward

We urge you to please support the club again this year in order for the club to able to survive COVID times, as there will still be the expenses of utility and insurance bills, trails to keep cleared and groomed, etc. Changes have been put in place to keep the expenses as low as possible.

2020-2021 Membership Form

The newest membership form is now online.

Update for March

Going forward Sunday/Wednesday Rides for March will be on informal basis depending on who show up and weather. Meet at the clubhouse at 10:00 am to see if anyone is going. Will post on Facebook and email if something special comes up.

March 2 Annual General Meeting at the clubhouse at 7:00 pm. If you want to help the club please consider volunteering at the AGM. The more help the easier it becomes.

April 11 Pig Roast Potluck.  More information to follow. 

Snowarama 2020 Sunday, Feb 16th, 10 AM

Guest Policy

At the last general meeting we discussed the issue of guests and we drafted the following policy for implementation this season. The policy is as follows:

Club events are a great opportunity to bring family or friends to the clubhouse for social activities. Obviously there are costs associated with each event including the maintenance of the clubhouse, so guests will be asked to contribute a donation when they arrive.  Guests wishing to attend multiple events should consider full membership. The club will continue to use a sign-in book for all events: trail and social.

(Please note, according to our bylaws, a guest may only attend 2 non-riding events). 

Thank you from the executive of the Green Lake Snowmobile Club.

February 2019 Newsletter