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Even though the snow conditions are still great, the club sponsored  rides are finished for this season.   Thank-you to all the club members who came out for the rides!  From our club house base we covered 2500 kms of terrain from Clinton to 100 Mile and from the Marble Mountains to the Bonaparte River.   

The Pig Roast Event is now sold out. Thanks everyone!

Snowmobile Safety:

  • We often get calls from people who became stuck or lost out on the trails and beyond. Keep in mind that you need to go prepared, in case it happens to you. The snowmobile club will try to assist if possible, but please note that this is not a given. It will depend upon what, where, when, and who is available to go out. We are not trained or equipped for rescue operations. Your best bet may be to call Cariboo Search and Rescue 250-395-3210. Here is a minimal checklist of how you can prepare:
  • Leave a route plan with someone at home and stick to it.
  • Don't ride alone!
  • Have a collapsible snow shovel with you in case you need to dig your sled out.
  • Take your fully charged cell phone with you, and extra power for it if you can.
  • Take snacks and water
  • Take a flashlight (Not your phone).
  • Have the ability to make a fire.
  • Have an emergency heat blanket in case you are stuck overnight.
  • Remember your GPS if you have one.
  • Put the Search and Rescue and other emergency phone numbers into your phone.

Changes to the Guest Policy

In the past, members were allowed to bring guests to club functions, but the same guests only twice each. The intention was that guests would have an opportunity to learn what the snowmobile club is all about, and perhaps decide to become members. For a number of different reasons, this has not worked out as planned. Going forward, as of March 2023, members can now bring any number of guests (within reason) to club potluck parties, at a guest fee of $15.00 per person. At special dinners where the Club prepares the entire meal, (such as the Pig Roast), there will be a TBA fee for everyone, members and guests alike. Effective March 2023.



Most of you will be able to register yourselves online at the link above

The only exceptions to that will be:

(a)  those who wish to register for our Family membership (family is defined as up to 4 people living at the same residence, must include 1 adult but not more than 2); a single child (no adult).  Please contact me at the email or # below and I will arrange to register you online manually.

(b) those who prefer to pay by cash or cheque.  There is a paper membership registration link above.  Please complete that and either mail it or deliver it to me along with payment, and I will manually register you online.

You will see when you get to the registration page that there are two options, Club Rider Membership and Club Non-Rider Membership.  Click the one that applies to you.   From there you can register both yourself and your spouse (one after the other) and proceed to one payment.   If one of you is a rider and the other a non-rider, switch from Rider to Non-Rider or vice versa after one of you has been added to the “cart”, then add the second member.

There will be a page that comes up to enter name, address, etc.  for each member.   It is important that you enter your correct birthdate in the info you’re asked for as that will tell the software what insurance price to assign.

PLEASE NOTE that if you have two family members intending to register as riders, they MUST both be done in the same checkout, otherwise the secondary discount will not be applied.

You will notice as you enter members that the cart will show (usually) 3 items of each member.  That’s how it has to be, so don’t be alarmed.

When you get to the payment stage, the choices will be Credit Card or Bank Account.  My understanding is Bank Account will only work for eCheck.

If you are having any troubles at all getting registered, please email or call me at or 250-456-7506.

2022/2023 Membership Mail-in Application Form

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